Teen Choice Awards 2012 – Top 3

29 07 2012

So the teen choice awards happened not so long ago. It’s an award show I like a lot actually. For once, our young stars act their age instead of wearing clothes much too old for them. You can be sure to see lots of leg at this ceremony – and I like it! There was tough competition this year for the Number One spot. In the end I had to go with the outfit I would most like to wear myself. Here are my top three ladies…. some controversy may occur…..

So, who do we have here?!

1. Nikki Reed who wore a Contrarian New York top and skirt, Brian Atwood shoes and a Jimmy Choo clutch. A special mention for her AWESOME pony tail. I love it!

2. Taylor Swift wore a Maria Lucia Hohan dress with Prada Shoes and Edie Parker clutch. Taylor doing what she does best (apart from singing!), the sweet girly look.

3. Holland Roden from Teen Wolf wearing Alive + Olivia. Holland just made 3rd position – I just liked how she kept it young and true to herself.

Due to recent happenings, my previous 3rd place winner got knocked back a spot. Kristen Stewart. What can one say about her at the moment! Regardless, that Roberto Cavalli blazer deserves a mention. This casual chic look is one I go for a lot. I just try wearing a smile while doing it! Maybe she knew what was in the pipeline for her…..

So, what do you guys think? Did anyone else blow you away?!



Benefit and Diet Coke

11 02 2012

Imagine my joy at the following situation – my beautiful sister (MetroChica) last-minute needs a favour. ‘Oh ya?’, I say, pessimistically. But to my sheer delight, she couldn’t make it to an event she had RSVP’d for. ‘You live across the road!’ she says. ‘Run over to the Dylan now for me’. Of course, I oblige and wasn’t I glad. Benefit and Diet Coke have teamed up together to launch a very exciting concept and I’m thrilled I got to be part of the launch. It was a very glam event, with style over flowing. We were shown some great make up looks and treated to some nibbles, champagne and, of course, Diet Coke. The Dylan is the perfect venue also. This event needed somewhere equally glamorous. So, the concept – three looks for the three Diet Coke girls. Romantic, Rock Chick and Fashionista. Each girl has her own Benefit look, teamed with a designer coke can.

Did I mention the Box?! I got to keep this amazing box of make-up and Diet Coke. Which I’m obviously going to share with my sister……. #coughcough. It was a lovely day out – just what the doctor ordered! And I’m having fun testing out the new looks and seeing which one suits me best.

A special thanks to the team from Diet Coke, Benefit and Thinkhouse PR – was great to meet you all.



Paris Purchases

9 11 2011

I wasn’t quite sure where to begin with the catching up, and I’ve oddly decided to work my way backwards! Starting with a few of the bits I picked up in Paris. It ranges between clothes, make-up and household goods! I didn’t do as much shopping as I had hoped. Paris is too high end fashion for me, and although one day I long to spend all my money in Gallerie Layfayette, this was not the time! Hmmmm… Maybe I’ll get round to showing you some pics of the things I was swooning over. But for now….

Zara Limited Edition Basics

Zara Check Shirt

H&M Chunky Pink Knit

Make Up

Nail Art

My wall dedicated to Paris

I am such a Zara girl at heart. There were plenty more boots I wanted to buy. I suggest you get on to their website pronto for some killer heels. I have my eye on a pair – roll on pay day.


Nail Style for Sea Sessions

23 06 2011

Just a quick post tonight – it’s been a crazy hectic week! But finally, Sea Sessions 2011 is upon us! And this is how Ive done my nails for the weekend!

Nail stickers from Penny’s! I’m hoping they last the weekend – normally my manicure gets wrecked at festivals so excited to see how these work out! They could be great or a disaster!

Have a great weekend, people!


What a bargain at Benefit!

25 05 2011

While waiting for a friend today, I glanced around the Beauty Department in Brown Thomas. I have been hearing lots about Benenfit’s new skin care range and so managed to test some of the products out! Yay! The very clever salesperson pointed me to an unbelievabe bargain afterwards. Little mini sized tubs of all their new skin care, in a travel bag, and for the amazingly cheap price of……. 12 Euro! I could hardly believe my eyes. Look…..

All this cutely wrapped skin care for 12 euro. Surely this is a mistake. Yes, the tubes are quite small, and according to the salesperson would last maybe only 3 weeks, but still. A bargain nonetheless, and perfect for those travelling who are stuck for space (ie. me!!).  So, what did I get in my little bag?…

There is a gentle, foaming facial wash, a moisture prep toning lotion, brightening and hydrating eyecream, hydra-concentrated moisture cream and an oil free moisturiser with SPF and also, a refined finished facial polish! Speaking to the salesperson, she recommended the hydra-concentrated moisture cream for night, and the SPF moisturiser for the day.

I, for one, am happy to try out Benefit’s new skin care range, as I can’t really fault their makeup. They are so confident with their skin care, they are even offering a money back guarantee. Today is day one testing the products out – I will let you know how I get on!


A peek into … My Make Up Bag

22 04 2011

As crazy as it sounds, I’m still recovering from the wedding last weekend! It was amazing! I honestly can’t begin to tell you how perfect it was and how truly special. Best weekend ever!! We were all so crazy busy, running around, checking on everyone that I didn’t snap too many photos…. I’m in the midst of sorting them all now. It’s so nice to look back at them so I’m compiling an album for my parents and it’s taking up alot of my time. Today, I’m just gonna show you guys a snap I took on my phone of my make up for the day in question.

The morning began with tonnes of moisturiser and some Beauty Flash Balm, and just before the makeup routine started, I used a Clarins primer. You might remember my post on Clarins from way back. But on a long days like this, a primer is vital! I moved onto my foundation and concealer using Bobbi Brown and Benefit and the suitable brushes. I can’t leave the house without Benefit’s Hello Flawless so I applied that to my nose, forehead and chin. Then came a splash of bronzer and some Nars blusher. On top of all that, I lightly dusted on some ‘staying powder’ – just in case!! I took time with the eye makeup, using mainly Bobbi Brown. I also wore some false lashes for extra effect and took time perfecting my eyebrows. And as I ran out the door, a bit of Mac lippy and lipgloss were applied. If I put that much effort into my makeup everyday, I’d be gorgeous 🙂

Thankfully, all my prepping worked! I barely had to touch my makeup all day! Though, I did have to fix the eyes a bit after the speeches. To say I was very emotional is an understatement.


Confessions of a Shopaholic #7

10 04 2011

And so, the spending of the little cash I have continues! I couldn’t let the week pass without picking up a few bits. I was handing over my credit card, trying to avoid the all-too-knowing look from my sister, knowing that this latest purchase would mean beans on toast for the week. But that’s the problem with addictions, isn’t it! However, I am contemplating a little shopping ban. I need to pool some money together for holidays, so something has to be sacrificed.

Here’s what I got today….

From A Wear


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