What a bargain at Benefit!

25 05 2011

While waiting for a friend today, I glanced around the Beauty Department in Brown Thomas. I have been hearing lots about Benenfit’s new skin care range and so managed to test some of the products out! Yay! The very clever salesperson pointed me to an unbelievabe bargain afterwards. Little mini sized tubs of all their new skin care, in a travel bag, and for the amazingly cheap price of……. 12 Euro! I could hardly believe my eyes. Look…..

All this cutely wrapped skin care for 12 euro. Surely this is a mistake. Yes, the tubes are quite small, and according to the salesperson would last maybe only 3 weeks, but still. A bargain nonetheless, and perfect for those travelling who are stuck for space (ie. me!!).  So, what did I get in my little bag?…

There is a gentle, foaming facial wash, a moisture prep toning lotion, brightening and hydrating eyecream, hydra-concentrated moisture cream and an oil free moisturiser with SPF and also, a refined finished facial polish! Speaking to the salesperson, she recommended the hydra-concentrated moisture cream for night, and the SPF moisturiser for the day.

I, for one, am happy to try out Benefit’s new skin care range, as I can’t really fault their makeup. They are so confident with their skin care, they are even offering a money back guarantee. Today is day one testing the products out – I will let you know how I get on!





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