Paris Purchases

9 11 2011

I wasn’t quite sure where to begin with the catching up, and I’ve oddly decided to work my way backwards! Starting with a few of the bits I picked up in Paris. It ranges between clothes, make-up and household goods! I didn’t do as much shopping as I had hoped. Paris is too high end fashion for me, and although one day I long to spend all my money in Gallerie Layfayette, this was not the time! Hmmmm… Maybe I’ll get round to showing you some pics of the things I was swooning over. But for now….

Zara Limited Edition Basics

Zara Check Shirt

H&M Chunky Pink Knit

Make Up

Nail Art

My wall dedicated to Paris

I am such a Zara girl at heart. There were plenty more boots I wanted to buy. I suggest you get on to their website pronto for some killer heels. I have my eye on a pair – roll on pay day.





4 responses

9 11 2011
9 11 2011
Eyes Bigger Than My Belly

I feel like, ‘how did I live without it?!”

10 11 2011
Metro Chica

Im pretty sure you bought more than this?!

10 11 2011
Eyes Bigger Than My Belly

I know, I feel the same! Did I lose some stuff?! I don’t think all the photos uploaded right 😦

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