Confessions of a Shopaholic #7

10 04 2011

And so, the spending of the little cash I have continues! I couldn’t let the week pass without picking up a few bits. I was handing over my credit card, trying to avoid the all-too-knowing look from my sister, knowing that this latest purchase would mean beans on toast for the week. But that’s the problem with addictions, isn’t it! However, I am contemplating a little shopping ban. I need to pool some money together for holidays, so something has to be sacrificed.

Here’s what I got today….

From A Wear


From Bobbi Brown

Make up wise, I went for a new foundation – Luminous Moisturizing Foundation, Long Wear Cream Shadow and Long Wear Gel Eyeliner and a new eyeliner brush to accompany! Looking good doesn’t come cheap…..

Also, in the bag, is a FAB maxi skirt from Miss Selfridge. Latte-coloured, sheer from above the knee down, and pleated! It’s to-die-for! Which is what I will be reminding myself later this week when I’m sick and tired of beans on toast… Aaah! Anyway, I’m saving the picture of the skirt for an outfit post. I have a few up my sleeve….

Stay tuned….





One response

11 04 2011
Metro Chica

That bracelet is oh so cute

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