Confessions of a Shopaholic #6

30 03 2011

Hey guys,

I’m back in Dublin after what was a very relaxing weekend at home. Unfortunately, I was sick for most of it and am still recovering. Nothing worse than a Spring cold – they refuse to budge! But with any luck I’ll be better by tomorrow night, and trying out a new outfit, with my friends who finish up exams tomorrow. Fingers crossed!!

Back to the post…. Nail Varnish – I love it. Have a rather insane addiction to OPI Nail Lacquer. It all began back in New York and I was completely alarmed to find it for sale in a chemist at home over the weekend! Mayo, for Christ’s sake. So I simply could not take the risk of them selling out and purchased a few shades!….

So, here we have Yucatán if u Want, Chocolate Shake-Speare and You don’t know Jacques.


I really love this shade – Yucatán if u want – have been wearing it all week!

You don’t know Jacques is one of their most popular shades. A browny-grey with a real grunge feel. I love it!


Here are three older shades of mine. I am completely obsessed with the middle one, Chocolate Moose. Lucky Lucky Lavender is a great summer shade, and Jade is the new Black is intensely green!

The old and the new – they look very similar but I can assure you they are very different. One is matte, the other shimmers. One is a yummy looking brown shade and the other is more copper. Both amazing! 🙂 And, who can pass up on the deadly names! I spent ages turning each over to see each unique name. Another absolute favourite of mine, that I think my friend has borrowed, is another well renowned one – Lincoln Park After Dark.

My sister and I have a fine collection of OPI. They used to be so hard to come by but they are popping up in more and more places now. But at 12.50 euro a pop, am I just blowing my money?

What other brands should I be looking into???





One response

31 03 2011
Metro Chica

My name is Niamh and I’m an OPI addict!!! Love those new shades. I need some new summery colours – am thinking yellow, coral, aqua…

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