A peek into … My Make Up Bag

22 04 2011

As crazy as it sounds, I’m still recovering from the wedding last weekend! It was amazing! I honestly can’t begin to tell you how perfect it was and how truly special. Best weekend ever!! We were all so crazy busy, running around, checking on everyone that I didn’t snap too many photos…. I’m in the midst of sorting them all now. It’s so nice to look back at them so I’m compiling an album for my parents and it’s taking up alot of my time. Today, I’m just gonna show you guys a snap I took on my phone of my make up for the day in question.

The morning began with tonnes of moisturiser and some Beauty Flash Balm, and just before the makeup routine started, I used a Clarins primer. You might remember my post on Clarins from way back. But on a long days like this, a primer is vital! I moved onto my foundation and concealer using Bobbi Brown and Benefit and the suitable brushes. I can’t leave the house without Benefit’s Hello Flawless so I applied that to my nose, forehead and chin. Then came a splash of bronzer and some Nars blusher. On top of all that, I lightly dusted on some ‘staying powder’ – just in case!! I took time with the eye makeup, using mainly Bobbi Brown. I also wore some false lashes for extra effect and took time perfecting my eyebrows. And as I ran out the door, a bit of Mac lippy and lipgloss were applied. If I put that much effort into my makeup everyday, I’d be gorgeous 🙂

Thankfully, all my prepping worked! I barely had to touch my makeup all day! Though, I did have to fix the eyes a bit after the speeches. To say I was very emotional is an understatement.





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