Benefit and Diet Coke

11 02 2012

Imagine my joy at the following situation – my beautiful sister (MetroChica) last-minute needs a favour. ‘Oh ya?’, I say, pessimistically. But to my sheer delight, she couldn’t make it to an event she had RSVP’d for. ‘You live across the road!’ she says. ‘Run over to the Dylan now for me’. Of course, I oblige and wasn’t I glad. Benefit and Diet Coke have teamed up together to launch a very exciting concept and I’m thrilled I got to be part of the launch. It was a very glam event, with style over flowing. We were shown some great make up looks and treated to some nibbles, champagne and, of course, Diet Coke. The Dylan is the perfect venue also. This event needed somewhere equally glamorous. So, the concept – three looks for the three Diet Coke girls. Romantic, Rock Chick and Fashionista. Each girl has her own Benefit look, teamed with a designer coke can.

Did I mention the Box?! I got to keep this amazing box of make-up and Diet Coke. Which I’m obviously going to share with my sister……. #coughcough. It was a lovely day out – just what the doctor ordered! And I’m having fun testing out the new looks and seeing which one suits me best.

A special thanks to the team from Diet Coke, Benefit and Thinkhouse PR – was great to meet you all.






One response

12 02 2012

looks amazing, you lucky think. these are times i wish i ad a sister 😉

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