Alex and Ani +Energy

28 02 2013

Yaaaaay! I waited so long to get my hands on some amazing Alex and Ani jewellery. After learning about their positive energy philosophy, I was sold. The only problem was deciding which symbol was for me, which is possibly why it took me so long to get these gorgeous bangles. Wanna see?!

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So, my choices. Well I had to go with Saint Christopher, the patron saint of travel. Travel means so much to me and this symbol represents strength, protection and aid. Followed up with Seven Swords, which is actually a symbol of love and radiance. It represents seven Archangels and their world of love symbolised by a radiant flame. The Om symbol is probably the best known one. Its a sound resonating throughout the body into the soul. Alex and Ani tell us to wear this charm to connect with inner spirit, accept serenity and embrace faith.

I know what you might be thinking…. a load of waffle? But you can’t deny how cute they are. I am thrilled with my charms and intend to embrace their +Energy. And, I am not the only one – The Alex and Ani counter was very popular with many of the charms selling out here in Arnotts. Get them QUICK!



Current Faves…

10 02 2013

2013 is off to a great start! Besides from the relentless bad weather, there has been much to make me smile. Here’s a quick synopsis for you!

The Movie: Les Miserables – what a tear jerker! Loved every second of it and am head over heels for Marius (Eddie Redmayne)


The Girl: Jennifer Lawrence – The girl certainly is ‘on fire’ these days. Her movie and her gowns promoting said movie have been flawless. Plus, she’s funny and her speeches are sweet. Simply Love Her.

The Song: Pompeii, Bastille – simply a great tune!

The book: Gone Girl – a real page turner.

The Blogger(s) – Sincerely, Jules and This Chick’s Got Style making me green with envy with every post!

The Breakfast: Hatch and Sons – a great little place I had breakfast last Sunday!


The Place: Brick Lane – had a fab weekend in London at the end of January and fell in love with this place. The bustle, the food and the art all helped create such a buzz. I found it so difficult to tear myself away. Feeling some serious London Love at the min!


The Shows: NYFW – Prabal Gurung, Jason Wu and Rebecca Minkoff made me excited for Fall!

The App: Vine – I just love following Jaime King on this – she makes me laugh!

That’s all for now! Thanks for checking in!


Recent…. Life

28 11 2012

New In

26 07 2012

Life is good in Frankfurt – and so is the shopping. For those of you who don’t know, I am staying with my sister while I have Summer off work. When I’m not sunbathing, or taking long walks in the park, or having cocktails, I am shopping. Trying not to get too carried away though and looking for pieces that I think will get good use. I’m mainly loving the H&M here (there’s quite a few) and Urban Outfitters. Here’s some pics – let’s see what you think!

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1. Wardrobe Shot

2. H&M Black Panelled Top

3. Urban Outfitters Black and Blue Dress

4. Zara – White Stud Shirt

5. H&M – Dalmation Peplum

6. Zara – Fox Print Top

7. Zara – Checked and Studded Shirt

8. New Bikinis – Roxy and H&M

9. Me! Messing around with a new App, PicStitch

It’s 31 degrees out today so I’m off to work on my tan – a few more posts coming your way!


Instagram Shots #1

12 02 2012

Myself and Laura with some street art

Being an I phone user / addict, Instagram allows me to spend lots of my free time messing around with photos! I quite love the app, actually. I decided  I would show you a few of my pics from my very recent trip to Budapest. I absolutely love it there. I’ve been so many times as a very good friend lives there. It was just a flying visit last time, but hoping to get back really soon.


Mulberry, McQueen and Cosmo


Myself and Jane - Topshop Snake Print and Sheer tee (which I love!!)


Moody face shot!


Aoife, my bestie. We're in a bathtub in a Nightclub!


The Gate Bridge

I had a really amazing time – t’was a nice break from Dublin and the norm! Nothing makes me happier than travel. Not even shopping!!



‘Not all those who wander are lost’

5 11 2011

Hello hello! It has been quite some time since my last post. Quite some time, indeed. I left the blogging world back in September, due to big changes in my life, and a serious lack of inspiration. The last two months, I’ve been rediscovering life, and myself. What started off as a really rough time has thankfully brought me to a much happier place. You might be aware of Metro Chica’s move to Paris. Not only is she my best friend, but my sister too. We said goodbye to the apartment we had shared for 3 years and she jetted off into the sunshine! It was a crazy time in my life, between illnesses, work, and personal issues and now verging on homelessness, that I felt totally lost. I want to thank all my friends and family for getting me through those big changes. I’m very pleased now at how it has all turned out. I have an amazing house with two of my closest friends, work has been going quite well and life as I used to know it is back. All is right with the world again! And, what helped me on this long journey?! A trip to Paris to see Niamh! Perspective is an amazing thing.

My little photo diary

1. Arrival in Paris – Eiffel Tower and Champagne

2. Myself and Niamh at the top of the Tower

3. At the Louvre

4. Pere Lachaise – a famous graveyard – beautiful and creepy

5.  Eiffel Tower light show

6. A trip to Victor Hugo’s house – the man responsible for my love of music

7.A beautiful Autumnal day

8. Cocktails at bar where the White Russian was invented

9. The love wall in Montemarte – yes, it’s written there in Irish, don’t worry!

10. The Lock’s Bridge – Paris tribute to love and commitment

11. The message that made me cry that day.

It feels good to be getting back to normal. I feel so lucky and so blessed. I am hoping my new found inspiration will translate here, and into all aspects of my life. Paris has changed me slightly. I am ready to embrace life and love again, ready to make some big plans and make some changes. I feel ready to take on the world – I just hope the world is ready for me 🙂

One thing that hasn’t change, and I suspect never will, is my love of fashion, and my constant shopping. I have so many purchases to show you! Some from Paris, and some from home. I hope you guys can stay tuned and see what you think. Thanks for all the love and support.


(Last two Images via We heart it.)

Let the rain fall!

4 08 2011

What???! I hear you screaming, but yes, this Winter I will be prepared. Whilst in Hong Kong a few weeks ago, I spotted these Steve Madden Beauties. Suitably named Tsunami! For years, I have been a massive Steve Madden addict. I still have pairs that I bought years back as they are quality shoes. I left Hong Kong without the rain boots…. but what a mistake. As if to punish me for leaving such a stylish boot behind, I landed into a crazy thunderstorm in Beijing. Let me tell you, I have never been so wet! Down in the Subway, rain poured down the steps as if it were a waterfall. We were heading out for a friend’s birthday and we were drenched! And I just kept thinking of my rain boots! Ugh, how typical. The very next day, I marched straight into Steve Madden in Beijing and bought the boots. Have a look-see…..

Steve Madden, Tsunami Boot


I just love the red zip up the back of the boot and the buckle detail. Imagine my joy when I heard the weather forecast for Castlepalooza once I got home. ‘Bright, but showers spreading into the night’. I knew it was meant to be. So I planned my outfits around my boots and headed off. Lots of people asked me where I got them and the all looked pretty disappointed when I said, ‘Beijing’. But never fear, I’m sure you can get them online….

I must be feeling ready for Autumn already as today I bought two new pairs of jeans and some ankle boots! It is my favourite season, but I’m not totally ready to say goodbye to Summer just yet. Hoping for a few more days of sun so I can hit the beach!


P.s. Here’s what the Subway looked like on that faithful night…..