After Party Chic….

2 03 2011

So, if you’re not a movie star, but maybe a socialite or musician, you still get the chance to wow us if you’re lucky enough to be invited to the Oscar’s after party. This, to me, sounds like the good part! Especially if you had to sit through James Franco’s and Anne Hathaway’s poor presenting on the night! Whatever about Anne, didn’t you think Franco would rather get shot in the foot?! Vanity Fair throw a big party every year and roll out the red carpet. And I’m glad they did! Quite impressed with some of the outfits, starting with my two favourite  – two lovely british lassies!

I really love Emma Roberts style, she chooses great dresses. This one being spectacular! And good ol’ Florence, keeping the style stakes high!

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Fashion Round-Up from a busy week!

15 02 2011

Wow, the celebs are busy these days! Between the numerous award ceremonies, premieres and parties, they’ve had to up their style a lot! Some great looks have been appearing so I thought I’d give credit where credit is due.

Alexa Chunga at Elle Style Awards

 I nearly died when I saw this picture of Alexa – she is as stunning as the dress itself! What style!

Blake Lively at Elle Style Awards

 I love the dress, then I don’t….. Kinda torn, but there’s no denying Blake’s beauty and I love those heels!

Emily Blunt, The Adjustment Bureau Premiere

Wow – this dress is amazing! I love the back – perfect for someone like Emily. I really love her style. Can I have this dress, please!

Emma Stone

Another great dress choice for Emma – loved her peach number at the Golden Globes and love this too! One to watch, people!

Florence Welch at the Grammys

Florence rocking an angelic and funky dress! I love this, especially the tangerine on the back! So on trend!

Giuliana DePandi

 Have you ever seen some one more pristine than Giuliana?? She is perfection. And my random choice of the day!

Karen Gillan at Elle Style Awards

 Love this look – so effortlessy chic. I love Karen for her everyday style. She’s one cool chick!

Lauren Conrad at PURE

And finally, LC at her birthday bash. This dress screams ‘Birthday Girl’ – eye catching, shimmering, sparkly.

A busy few days in celeb world indeed! If I had to choose one dress, I would pick Emily’s and wear it to the very important wedding I have coming up (still dress-less, by the way :-/ ). But I die, for Alexa Chung. The shopping continues this weekend, folks. I shall report back ! 🙂