Alex and Ani +Energy

28 02 2013

Yaaaaay! I waited so long to get my hands on some amazing Alex and Ani jewellery. After learning about their positive energy philosophy, I was sold. The only problem was deciding which symbol was for me, which is possibly why it took me so long to get these gorgeous bangles. Wanna see?!

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So, my choices. Well I had to go with Saint Christopher, the patron saint of travel. Travel means so much to me and this symbol represents strength, protection and aid. Followed up with Seven Swords, which is actually a symbol of love and radiance. It represents seven Archangels and their world of love symbolised by a radiant flame. The Om symbol is probably the best known one. Its a sound resonating throughout the body into the soul. Alex and Ani tell us to wear this charm to connect with inner spirit, accept serenity and embrace faith.

I know what you might be thinking…. a load of waffle? But you can’t deny how cute they are. I am thrilled with my charms and intend to embrace their +Energy. And, I am not the only one – The Alex and Ani counter was very popular with many of the charms selling out here in Arnotts. Get them QUICK!