Winter Days

9 01 2013


It was a shock to the system to feel such a drop in temperature this morning – but my favourite thing about Winter is the excuse to wear hats and fur…. non stop… all the time. Running out of storage place for my hats – recent storage places include lamps (that are not being used, of course!) and bookshelves. Sorry, housemates!!! 🙂


– Fur Collar, Awear
– Hat, Thrifted
– Lipstick, Mac



Sweets for my Sweet…

8 01 2013




And sweet it was – opening these goodies on Christmas morning. My family know me well – Mulberry and Sequins. I loved all my gifts so much this year that I think I will do another post showing the rest. It’s hard to believe that magical season is well and truly over. I am so thankful to be starting 2013 with the best family and friends. In true January style, changes need to be made. It’s gonna be a busy month! Happy New Year to all my lovely readers!


New – kinda…

11 12 2012

New lipstick – new fedora – new nail varnish! But my old JW Anderson x Topshop phone cover.



Recent…. Life

28 11 2012

Where to look for a bargain these days?

11 10 2012

I am seriously trying to spend less money on shopping. But as you guys know, I am a shopaholic. I love it. And even when money is so tight, I manage to find ways around it. (Confessions of a shopaholic could be written about me!). I especially enjoy the buzz of finding something great. And, I love a good bargain – but I am very reluctant to sacrifice quality for cost. This month, I am undergoing a different type of shopping ban. I am staying away from my regular stores and looking at the cheaper alternatives. But will this in the long run be foolish? We shall see…..

Friends of mine use the website quite often. In the past I have been unsuccessful, but I looked again and purchased the above. The wedge trainer is so popular right now. My original Ash trainers are still very dear to me, so I tried the much cheaper alternative in a more winter colour. I am hopeful they will get me through the winter. Only time will tell. The jumper satisfies my jumper / burgundy/ skull needs. Perfect for my casual weekends!

I plan on hitting up Primark this weekend to see what I can come up with. The important thing is, it might be cheap, but do I need it and is it worth it in the long run? Hopefully my plan will work and I can treat myself to something amazing when I go on my holidays in November.

*fingers crossed*


Feel free to comment and let me know where else I should be looking for a good quality bargain!

Checking in…

8 10 2012

I’m startin to think my chaotic life is always going to be that way! I’m not even gonna apoligse for my absence – even my bloglovin account has been neglected. Trying to sort it all out – working on a lovely to do list.

But in news, I am an Auntie now! Beautiful Juliet Lily was born two weeks ago. She had us all worrying at first, but I am thrilled to be spending time with her now. She’s a dote! And they think she looks like me. Posting a pic – see what you think!

Socially, life has been awesome. Loads of fun things happening! Dublin in the Autumn, you can’t beat it!

Fashion wise, I’ve kept the shopping to a minimum. But….I think my sister is delivering something amazing to me this weekend from Germany that is surely going to deserve a good long blog post. Fingers crossed she gets her hands on this for me!

Lots of love people xoxoImageImageImage

1. Myself and Juliet’s first meeting

2. At the Notre Dame V Navy American Football Game – Go Irish!

3. At Oktoberfest – sporting my fav yellow Zara blazer

JW Anderson for Topshop

15 09 2012

There has been a lot of collaborations recently of Designer and High Street. Many of which have left me disappointed – Versace and H&M, I’m looking at you! But this most recent coming together is worth the hype. The plan is to pick up two distinct pieces from the collection but, with quilted paisley, loafers and zebra prints galore, it’s proving to be quite difficult to choose. Here’s what I have my eye on….


The knit, crisp white shirt and pleat skirt is a look I shall be trying to emulate. Maybe even paired with the loafers, if I should be so lucky! I adore the paisley skirt and it’s hard not to love the cute accessories too. Really, there is just so much to work with, it’s hard not to want it all! A case of *eyesbiggerthanmybelly* for sure!

What pieces are you coveting?!