Checking in…

8 10 2012

I’m startin to think my chaotic life is always going to be that way! I’m not even gonna apoligse for my absence – even my bloglovin account has been neglected. Trying to sort it all out – working on a lovely to do list.

But in news, I am an Auntie now! Beautiful Juliet Lily was born two weeks ago. She had us all worrying at first, but I am thrilled to be spending time with her now. She’s a dote! And they think she looks like me. Posting a pic – see what you think!

Socially, life has been awesome. Loads of fun things happening! Dublin in the Autumn, you can’t beat it!

Fashion wise, I’ve kept the shopping to a minimum. But….I think my sister is delivering something amazing to me this weekend from Germany that is surely going to deserve a good long blog post. Fingers crossed she gets her hands on this for me!

Lots of love people xoxoImageImageImage

1. Myself and Juliet’s first meeting

2. At the Notre Dame V Navy American Football Game – Go Irish!

3. At Oktoberfest – sporting my fav yellow Zara blazer




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