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26 07 2012

Life is good in Frankfurt – and so is the shopping. For those of you who don’t know, I am staying with my sister while I have Summer off work. When I’m not sunbathing, or taking long walks in the park, or having cocktails, I am shopping. Trying not to get too carried away though and looking for pieces that I think will get good use. I’m mainly loving the H&M here (there’s quite a few) and Urban Outfitters. Here’s some pics – let’s see what you think!

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1. Wardrobe Shot

2. H&M Black Panelled Top

3. Urban Outfitters Black and Blue Dress

4. Zara – White Stud Shirt

5. H&M – Dalmation Peplum

6. Zara – Fox Print Top

7. Zara – Checked and Studded Shirt

8. New Bikinis – Roxy and H&M

9. Me! Messing around with a new App, PicStitch

It’s 31 degrees out today so I’m off to work on my tan – a few more posts coming your way!





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