Printed Jeans #2

16 05 2012

Fast becoming a new obsession of mine, the printed jean look. I love jeans. I wear them all the time! They are very much a staple in every girl’s wardrobe, but the printed jean is a good way to break out of your style rut. Both of my (new) jeans have been paired with really plain tops and some interesting jewellery. The weather is still awful here so my tanned legs aren’t getting much of an outing. Come on, Summer! Haven’t we waited long enough!


Jeans – Marks and Spencers

Bracelets – Topshop and ASOS

Ring – Primark

T- Shirt – Zara 

I spotted similar jeans on Lauren Conrad at Coachella this year. As you guys know, I totally love her. When running through M&S one day, I saw these jeans out of the corner of my eye. It actually led to me having a good root there where I picked up a tropical print top and debated over a lace yellow dress for nearly forty minutes!

What do you think of fashion’s new take on ‘The Jean’? Any suggestions for other kinds?


PS. I also tried an Ombre-esque nail art idea!





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