Today I spent 3 Euro

13 02 2012

It’s fashion week! And like all other fashion obsessed bloggers I’ve been following the runway shows and picking out my fav’s. I’m useless at bargain hunting. I’ve told  you before about the mannequins talking to me, and how my eye always lands on the most expensive thing in the shop. That’s just the way I am. But not today, people! Today, I spent 3 euro, and look what I got. Not half bad, me thinks!

Both are Primark, the hat costing all of 2 quid, and the scarf, a delightful 1 euro! The scarf is peach in colour, and with tassels and skulls, what’s not to love. I’m really happy to be adding to my hat collection. I just don’t have enough. A trip to Paris is in the pipelines, and I want to bring that hat!

Happy Monday, everyone!






One response

13 02 2012
Metro Chica

You look so pretty! And that scarf is really cool…

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