Let the rain fall!

4 08 2011

What???! I hear you screaming, but yes, this Winter I will be prepared. Whilst in Hong Kong a few weeks ago, I spotted these Steve Madden Beauties. Suitably named Tsunami! For years, I have been a massive Steve Madden addict. I still have pairs that I bought years back as they are quality shoes. I left Hong Kong without the rain boots…. but what a mistake. As if to punish me for leaving such a stylish boot behind, I landed into a crazy thunderstorm in Beijing. Let me tell you, I have never been so wet! Down in the Subway, rain poured down the steps as if it were a waterfall. We were heading out for a friend’s birthday and we were drenched! And I just kept thinking of my rain boots! Ugh, how typical. The very next day, I marched straight into Steve Madden in Beijing and bought the boots. Have a look-see…..

Steve Madden, Tsunami Boot


I just love the red zip up the back of the boot and the buckle detail. Imagine my joy when I heard the weather forecast for Castlepalooza once I got home. ‘Bright, but showers spreading into the night’. I knew it was meant to be. So I planned my outfits around my boots and headed off. Lots of people asked me where I got them and the all looked pretty disappointed when I said, ‘Beijing’. But never fear, I’m sure you can get them online….

I must be feeling ready for Autumn already as today I bought two new pairs of jeans and some ankle boots! It is my favourite season, but I’m not totally ready to say goodbye to Summer just yet. Hoping for a few more days of sun so I can hit the beach!


P.s. Here’s what the Subway looked like on that faithful night…..







One response

7 08 2011

they are to die for, well worth it 😉

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