Big Trends and Big Bargains

12 06 2011

Ah, where would we all be without Primark whilst getting ready for holidays? It’s a must for most people who are getting a few bits for their trip away. Be it, a sun holiday or winter break, I always pop in to Pennys to see what bargains can be found that will come in handy for the holidays. It’s a store that’s been working very hard at keeping up with the trends, and it does it well. Being totally honest, I don’t enjoy shopping there too much – too busy, stuff everywhere, too many prams. However, the Pennys at home in Mayo is BRILLIANT! If you are ever in the neighbourhood, make it your business to stop. Today, at home, it’s lashing rain. It was either, make the trip to town and maybe get wet, or watch the GAA with my dad…. And, of course, shopping wins.

You can find all the latest trends, in some shape or form, at Primark. Loving the Navajo-vibe from this bag. Beautiful beading and colouring. However, it does come with a big warning that colours might rub off…. Hmmmm……

My favourite trend at the moment – Aztec. And you can never go wrong with a wedge in Summer. (Yes, I’m aware it’s like winter out – I’m being hopeful!!) Did you see Ms. Tisdale rocking the trend the other day? See her here.

Primark bikinis – may not last a very long time, but bang on trend. This snakebite look is a popular choice for bikinis this year. It comes in two different colours. My sister picked up the purple, yellow, coral shade but I went for cream and black. Nice twist bandeau!

I don’t think I need to tell you how much of a bargain these were. Everyone is aware it’s not top dollar! I’m just glad I can get ready for China, and not have to spend too much cash in the run up. Still trying to save for the shopping over there… (It’s not going too well, at all!) But at least I got to kill an hour shopping, avoid the GAA, and manage to pick up a bargain. Successful Sunday – Now please let it stop raining!!!!!!






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13 06 2011
Metro Chica

Great bikini!

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