Confessions of a Shopaholic #9

2 06 2011

As you guys know, I am getting ready to spend a month between China, Hong Kong and the Philippines. I’ve been warned how amazing and cheap the shopping is over there and that I’m to bring an empty case over. However, every holiday needs a few key pieces… Most of these I already have, but these are a few bits that I’m adding to my wardrobe this weekend.

First up, comfy, every day, walking around the city shoes.

These are from Office, and are so comfy. I like the idea of the elastic straps – no hassle, easy, quick. It’s a bonus that they are cute too. I thought about wearing my Cons every day, but they will be much to stuffy for the stifling heat of Beijing.

These are my second option – a celeb favourite!

For the city part of the holiday, I think I’ll be mostly wearing shorts and tops, and dresses. Have this cute top on route from ASOS.

I love the aztec print that’s going around the shops at the moment. A-wear are using the print for their tops and their skirts.

The next top will be for my beach holiday. Probably one of the things I’m looking forward to the most – some lying around in paradise is just what the doctor ordered!

I’ve been very fortunate with my holidays so I have tonnes of holiday clothes. They are kept in my wardrobe in Mayo but are being dropped up tomorrow to sort through the good, the bad and the ugly. After that, I’ll see what things I genuinely need before departing on July 3rd! But seemingly, whatever I need, I can get for way less over in Beijing. So, what’s a shopaholic to do?! Hmmmmmm….

Have a great bank holiday everyone! I am slightly under the weather so I think it shall be a quiet one…






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