I Heart LC

13 03 2011

Today, I was reminded of one of my favourite YouTube clips! There I was, reading Stellar Magazine and an article about Lauren Conrad – It was basically promoting her Style Book – when I exclaimed, ‘Oh my god, girls, you have to see this clip!!’  Well, we spent a good half hour laughing about it after! Myself and my friends are Conrad crazy! We were obsessed with Laguna Beach when we were growing up. Then, it was The Hills Season One while we lived in America and then, all the other seasons that followed. We were glued to the screens, some of us screaming, whilst waiting to see if she chose Jason or Paris. Of course, Lauren has given us loads of great tv moments since then and we truly love her for it. Are most girls of this opinion?! So after reading the article today, I’ve decided to look into her book. I may even purchase it! I do like her style, her hair is nearly as famous as ‘The Rachel’, and her collection of Chanel bags ain’t half bad either! So I’m posting the vid for those who may not know it, and posting some random pics of her!

Does anyone already have her book? Worth a purchase?? Will it teach me how to have her hair?!






Adore her hair!


I could probably post about this chick all day – serious girl crush!


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