Thursday’s Shopping Stress!

20 01 2011

Ah Thursday – the weekend is in sight! Even better, pay day Thursday! So like any normal person would do, I decided a bit of late night shopping was in order! This weekend I’m busy with a party Friday and Saturday, a lunch date and a gossip over coffee once the partying is done! So i threw myself into the shops looking for a new dress to wear out. Alas, it was not meant to be! I looked everywhere, tried on countless amounts of clothes (and shoes!) and came home empty handed!

I don’t know what’s going on these days – I’ve possibly fallen into a fashion rut. I seem to find myself going to town for an item in particular and coming home with a new version of something I have already! Or gearing up for a big shopping spree and coming home with an unneccessary amount of accessories. Today, I met up with my sister and discussed my efforts. We talked about the different looks in the shops and the things I tried on. Maybe it’s me or maybe it’s the in-between-season’s thing. Or maybe I’m just not being bold enough anymore!

I’ve been keeping an eye on the blogroll and gossip sites recently, searching for looks I want to emulate. And all though that’s being going very well, I just haven’t found the clothes to match in the shops. I’m hoping that with the official start of Spring coming soon, so too will a new line of clothes that I literally can’t resist!

Here are some looks I love!



Lauren Conrad - I love this girl!




Rachel Bilson - I love everything about this look!


Who doesn't love Olivia Palermo?!


Leighton Meester - LOVE this colour!


I think I’ve just realised the problem…..

Here I am dreaming of dresses and tanned legs when it’s still freezing outside….

Gonna work extra hard to find a January look that I love…. watch this space!






3 responses

21 01 2011
Metro Chica

Oh wow look at Olivia!!!

21 01 2011
Eyes Bigger Than My Belly

I know, how stunning is the dress! Surprised by the shoe choice but love it! I want that dress! And Queen of the Clutch strikes again – amazing!

25 01 2011
Confessions of a Shopaholic #2 « eyes bigger than my belly

[…] Thursday’s shopping disaster, I swore I was gonna take a break from the shops and wait till February to blow what little cash I […]

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