A good fashion accessory!

8 01 2011

Blair: ‘And what about my headband?’

Chuck: ‘I….adore it!’


As do I, Chuck Bass! As do i!

It’s no secret that I am a Gossip Girl Fanatic! I love it – I am obsessed with it – I need it! Besides from its riviting plots, the fashion is to die for! And all those accessories! I, myself, am quite the headband fan. My sister recently brought it to my attention that I have enough hairbands to set up shop! I can’t resist a good hairband, it seems. So I’ve decided to share my collection with you and show you a few of my favourites.




Some sparkly ones!


Black bands


Some fancy pieces for your head!


Henri Bendel, 5th Ave, Hair Accessories


Irish Designer Aisling Maher - gifted to my sister.


You might notice above the two hairbands from Henri Bendel – my prize possessions you might say! Yes, they cost me quite a bit, but when in Rome…. 🙂 Myself and my sister did the Gossip Girl tour in New York last year and it was so fun! We had a great time going round to all Blair and Serena’s haunts so a stop off (and a purchase) at Henri Bendel was a must! You should see their collection! OMfG!

Me outside Henri Bendel


One very happy lady!


Frozen yoghurt time on the steps at the Met!


So it’s clear to see that I love a good accessory! Probably don’t get enough use out of the collection anymore, and it’s been a while since I purchased a new one…. Must add it to my list of purchases for this month! What do you guys think?!

#Planning another trip to New York immediately#






2 responses

9 01 2011
Metro Chica

I love that pic of your black hairbands… Addict much?!

9 01 2011
Eyes Bigger Than My Belly

I know, right. Im just an accessories junkie! (see my new post…)

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