Twas the night before Christmas….

24 12 2010

Its Christmas Eve! I can hardly believe it! Here, at home, I am busy visiting Aunts and Uncles and neighbours, delivering gifts and attempting to help prepare the food for tomorrow – though right now I have been kicked out of the kitchen so my Mum can have some peace and quiet! And even though things are a bit different this year, I can feel the Christmas excitement at last! Honestly, i just love,  am obsessed with Christmas. Maybe it’s the going home, or the food, or all the nights out, but there is something about Christmas that makes me more excited than usual! Truth be told, I am a mixture of emotions every Christmas and this year is no different! Missing my dearest twin who lives out in China, but celebrating the return of my best friend from Oz! So get ready guys,  it’s gonna be an emotional one! 



Trying to see the beauty in the snow – even if it is making Christmas more difficult!

Back together with my Besties!

Images via We Heart It


That's me and my twin! Missing him this Christmas...

Merry Christmas everyone – Let’s all have a great one!






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